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Allelujah Haptism
27 February
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Suffer in silence

Allelujah is a gentle and quiet person, always acting calm and composed. He'll follow orders without hesitation - althrough he dislikes killing, he knows it's the only thing he can do; he chooses to do this in order to help eradicate wars - a Celestial Beings main goal - and also for his own reasons. What really matters for him are friends and people he trusts. You can usually find him reading a book, or sometimes talking to himself.
However, he has another personality. Hallelujah is violent and sadistic, being all what his other half denies. Both are capable of fighting, though where Allelujah tries to hold back, Hallelujah does not play fair by any means. Both of his personalities can talk with each other, either in his thoughts or aloud (he modifies his voice when both are talking). Even if Hallelujah seems unstable or harsh, he does everything he thinks is needed to be done (and what Allelujah himself is unable to).
From the two, Allelujah is a dominant personality; Hallelujah appears only when his other half is in danger, or when he's near another super-soldier - that's when he can take control of their body; it's also known that Allelujah himself is able to allow this switch.

Allelujah Haptism

Age: 20
Date of birth: February 27th, 2288
Birthplace: Unknown, somewhere part of the Human Reform League
Blood type: B
Height: 186cm
Weight: 65kg
Hair color: Dark green/black
Eye color: left - grey, right - gold
Specialty: Monopoly
Favourite food: He'll eat anything. He isn't picky.

Pilots: GN-003 Gundam Kyrios
Allegiance: Celestial Beings

Raised as an orphan in HRL Supersoldier research institute, he and many other children were used in experiments. During this time, as a result of experiments, another personality was born inside him - Hallelujah. After the tests ended, he and the other children were to be disposed off (left on a small drifting spaceship, amount of oxygen enouh for only one of them); that's when Hallelujah took control of his body for the first time, killing the kids. His records in HRL (labeled as E-0057) show that he was disposed of.
Somehow he joined organization Celestial Beings, which goal is to eradicate wars from the world, and was chosen as a pilot of Gundam Kyrios. After he was accepted as a Gundam Meister (Gundam pilot), he quickly adapted to the situation and the other pilots. His reasons for joining Celestial Beings are to bring end to the wars - though he realizes that he himself, as a person raised to be a soldier, may have no part in the world he's helping to create; though the other reason is revenge on the scientists behind the HRL Special Soldier program. After accomplishing that, he starts to doubt his motives, and is left wondering if he's really doing it because of his good intentions or is it completely selfish; he also starts to see himself as a monster, thanks to Hallelujah's actions.
After the latest events (GN-X mobile suits appearance, HRL Union and AEU joining forces) he believes that Meisters were doomed from the start, and were to be disposed of later. His own motives become more and more questionable, especially after the battle after which they almost lose one of the Meisters.
But it doesn't take long to lose even that little piece of normality...
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